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Old Testament “Types” of Christ

February 22, 2008

A “Type” is a representation or pre-figureing of something.  We might think of it as a template or even a shadow. 

The Old Testament is full of “Types” of Christ.  These are intentionally placed in the Scripture to describe and identify the Messiah when He came.  Some “types” are people, such as Melchizedek, or Isaac.  Some “types” are things such as Noah’s Ark.  Some “types” are events or ceremonies such as Passover.  Each of them beautifully picture the life and ministry of Jesus Christ hundreds of years before His Incarnation. 

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Christology 101 Lesson 9 Old Testament Types of Christ 


Old Testament Prophecies About Jesus Christ

February 15, 2008

Josh McDowell in his classic, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, states that there are more than 300 references to the Messiah in the Old Testament that were fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ.  No other religious figure of any religion can claim anything like this.  What does this say about the person and nature of Jesus Christ. 

In our next class we will examine a few of these references and consider their implications.

Here is a chart taken from the Ryrie Study Bible that lists a few of the Old Testament references and their New Testament fulfillment.

Chart Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled by Jesus Christ 

Christology 101 Lesson 8 Intro