Old Testament “Types” of Christ

A “Type” is a representation or pre-figureing of something.  We might think of it as a template or even a shadow. 

The Old Testament is full of “Types” of Christ.  These are intentionally placed in the Scripture to describe and identify the Messiah when He came.  Some “types” are people, such as Melchizedek, or Isaac.  Some “types” are things such as Noah’s Ark.  Some “types” are events or ceremonies such as Passover.  Each of them beautifully picture the life and ministry of Jesus Christ hundreds of years before His Incarnation. 

Feel free to download these “updated notes.”

See you Sunday!

Sorry about leaving the “preliminary notes” up.  I am uploading the updated class notes now.

Christology 101 Lesson 9 Old Testament Types of Christ 

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5 Comments on “Old Testament “Types” of Christ”

  1. Edna Thomas Says:

    Could you please give me references of scriptures in the Old and / or New Testaments that are types of Christ as mentioned in Matt 8:17?
    Thank You!
    Mrs. Thomas

  2. Anna Cropley Says:

    I would love to see this full teaching but I cannot figure out how to access the rest of it.I am especially interested in the teaching on Joseph.

  3. 011021 Says:

    thank you for this information. This information help me for my research..

  4. S.Benarji Raju Says:

    dear,bro some good types of christ. Pastor S.Benarji.India

  5. Hi…I will be teaching a small Bible study group next week and would love to use some of your notes. They are excellent! I will, of course, give credit to you. Could you let me know is this will be okay….thanks, Jerilyn… Jeri@jrjax.com

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