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Classic Book of Christology Still the Best

March 27, 2008

Jesus Christ Our Lord, by Dr. John Walvoord is the classic text on the subject of Christology, and it is still the best.  Dr. Walvoord was President of Dallas Theological Seminary for 40 years and wrote several books which have become the classic texts in their fields.  This book is one I have enjoyed and have referred to constantly through the years.

Kelly Carr

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Jesus Christ Our Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord
By John Walvoord / Moody PublishersAcknowledging both the size of the task and its importance, Dr. Walvoord has written this systematic presentation of the person and work of Christ. Analyzing the Old Testament, he shows Christ in its history, typology, and prophecy. Then, in the New Testament, he examines the life and work of the incarnate Christ. The doctrines of atonement, redemption, propitiation, and reconciliation are thoroughly and clearly discussed.