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Old Testament Types of Christ

March 6, 2008

Several words are used to translate the word “type” in the New Testament.  “Type,” “Shadow,” “Representation,” etc.  Perhaps the word “prototype” gives you a better understanding of what a type is.  If you think of a shadow, it is often a vague outline of something tangible.  Perhaps you have shined a light on the wall in a dark room and played “shadow puppets.”  You can make a shadow that looks like a bunny, or a puppy, etc.  The Old Testament in expectation of the Messiah, used a number of “types” to better describe Christ and His work.  He is compared to Adam, Aaron, Isaac, Joseph, the Passover, the Rock, Manna, and many others. 

So far we have discussed, Adam, Aaron, Isaac, and Joseph.  Since we did not cover nearly all of our material, we will still be on this subject next Sunday, March 9.  We did update the notes and they are ready for download. 

One character we really want to cover next Sunday is Melchizedek.  Look at the notes and read the passages that discuss this little known character of Scripture.  I think you will be amazed as you read what the Bible says about him.  It really gives you an insight into the intricacy of the Scriptures.  God had these things written hundreds and even thousands of years before Messiah came and they weave together perfectly.

Hope to see you Sunday.